9th Annual Purple Party – Photo Gallery

Are You Safe : November 21, 2017 10:54 am : Image Gallery

A collection of images from the 9th Annual Are You Safe Purple Party 2017.

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Teen Dating Violence

Are You Safe : May 30, 2017 3:03 pm : Domestic Violence News

Jane M. is a domestic violence teen advocate and has prepared this very important message. Please watch and share.

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7th Annual Charity Golf Tournament – Photo Gallery

Are You Safe : May 20, 2017 11:06 pm : Image Gallery

Below are images from Are You Safe’s 7th Annual Charity Golf Tournament that was held on May 19, 2017, at Cheval Golf & Country Club. Thank you to all our Sponsors, Volunteers and Players. It was a great event thanks to all of you!

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Intimate Partner Violence – Dr. Patsy Evans

Are You Safe : September 29, 2016 11:42 pm : Presentations

The keynote speaker, for the 8th Annual Purple Party, was Dr. Patsy Evans, who is also known as Dr. Harmony. She delivered a powerful message with her keynote addressing Intimate Partner Violence in relationships.

For more information about Dr. Patsy Evans, visit:

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Are You Safe’s 8th Annual Purple Party 2016

Are You Safe : September 29, 2016 10:02 pm : Image Gallery

Below are images from Are You Safe’s 8th Annual Purple Party that was held on Sept 29, 2016, at the Tampa Club.

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AYS Golf Tournament 2015 – Event Photos

Are You Safe : July 14, 2015 2:21 pm : Official Announcements

AYS Golf Tournament 2015 Thank You

Below is a collection of images that were taken at the 5th Annual Are You Safe Charity Golf Tournament that was held on May 8th, 2015, at Cheval Golf and Country Club, in Lutz, FL.

Thank you to all the sponsors and volunteers that participated in making this a fantastic time for all. The funds raised, at the event, will go towards continued domestic violence awareness campaigns and assisting victims of domestic violence.

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PURPLE PARTY 2014 – Event Highlights

Are You Safe : September 8, 2014 2:30 pm : Presentations

2014 Purple Party - Event Presentation


On September 4, 2014, ARE YOU SAFE? held it’s annual Purple Party at The Tampa Club, in Downtown Tampa.

The Purple Party is designed to help raise awareness in Domestic Violence, honor our volunteers, sponsors and donors, as well as to help raise funds for continued efforts in Advocating, Educating and Empowering Domestic Violence Victims.

This year’s focus is on “Children Of Domestic Violence” and the lasting effect Domestic Violence abuse has on children. If we focus on getting children of domestic violence help, especially early in their development, we take important steps in making a positive change for future generations.  more »

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Domestic Violence and Depression

Are You Safe : February 18, 2014 1:59 pm : Domestic Violence News

Innocent Children Affected By Domestic Violence.“The number of people reporting incidents of domestic violence to the police is increasing dramatically.”

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you are aware of just how frightening reporting this crime can be. There are many questions that fill the mind such as, “What are the causes of this violence? Is the person just acting out or are there more serious reasons for this behavior?”

According to the latest reports, alcohol plays a large part in cases of Domestic Violence.

There are far too many examples of fatalities that result from the combination of alcohol and anger. For the sake of making this article easier to read, in the example I set forth to you, I shall call the husband John and his wife Linda.

John is a really nice guy when he is sober. Linda is very much in love with him and has hope they will grow old together. John is a great father to their two children, is helpful around the house and is a great cook. The problem occurs after he has had too much to drink. John now becomes a completely different person. He begins accusing his wife of having an affair, becomes abusive and extremely argumentative. Linda, realizing he is drunk, attempts to walk away and leave John to his bad mood. This only adds to his anger and he becomes violent.

The next morning John cannot believe what he has done and is full of regret and remorse. He can’t say sorry enough and begs for Linda’s forgiveness. He promises that it will never happen again and states that he will give up the alcohol if that would make his wife happy.

Linda is not sure what to do. She would love to forgive and forget but she feels it is very likely the abuse will only happen again in the future if she does offer forgiveness.

“In many cases like this, the victim will forgive their partner or husband a number of times before eventually losing patience with them.”

My advice for John would be to stop drinking alcohol straight away. If it is too much for him to handle on his own then I would recommend seeking professional treatment immediately.

Another cause of Domestic Violence is depression. Some people who are normally very relaxed can become very angry and abusive when in a deep state of depression. They can take their problems and frustrations out on their partner much like in the example above.

A few days or weeks later when the person in question is feeling a lot happier, they will not believe what they have done.
Whether it is because of depression or alcohol, one solution to the issue of Domestic Violence could be to enroll in an Anger Management program or to seek the help of a licensed mental health counselor.


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Are You Safe : February 4, 2014 3:59 pm : Official Announcements

No More Domestic Violence“ARE YOU SAFE” is a non-profit Domestic Violence Organization based in Tampa, FL. Our passion is helping individuals in domestically violent situations.

Our website is a gateway for people to learn more about domestic violence, as well as a portal to available domestic violence support resources.

Please take the time to become more aware, about the “Signs Of Domestic Violence”, so you will know how to determine if you or someone you know are in a domestic violent relationship and how you can take action. more »

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